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September 30, 2013




Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) was launched on October 25, 2007, with a motion in

Parliament by the Honourable Mauril Belanger and October was proclaimed as the Islamic

History month in Canada.


IHMC is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the rich heritage of Muslim contributions globally

and in Canada. IHMC was established and sustained by the Canadian Islamic Congress [CIC]

from 2007 to 2012. We thank CIC for their past commitment to the IHMC and in particular our

sincere appreciation to Ms. Wahida Valiante for her diligent efforts and achievements as Chair of

the IHMC.


We are pleased to announce that IHMC with its long list of achievements is now an independent

body as of August 2013. We are furthermore pleased to announce that Shahina Siddiqui, author,

freelance writer, spiritual counselor, educator and social activist, is the new Chair of the IHMC.

The Objective of IHMC is to celebrate, inform, educate and share with fellow Canadians the

Muslim cultural heritage and Canadian Muslim contributions to Canada and the contributions

made by the Islamic civilization throughout its history; to sciences, humanities, medicines,

astronomy, and other disciplines that have contributed positively to human progress. IHMC

believes that it is through education and sharing positive stories that we can build a more

inclusive and gentle multicultural Canada.


The youth of today are growing and will be working in a global community that is shrinking and

is connected more readily than ever before. In order to compete and succeed within this global

reality, our youth needs to be knowledgeable about the historical contributions, cultural heritage

and linguistic diversity of their world. Please note that we are working towards bringing Muslim

Heritage 1001 to Canada in the future as part of IHMC celebration.


For themes and ideas you can implement in your city and province please email us or join our

Facebook page and share your ideas. For example, communities and organizations can hold a

screening, organize a book fair or an art exhibit, plan a lecture or host a multicultural social

gathering — the possibilities are endless. If you need ideas and resources, please contact IHMC

and we’ll be happy to help you develop your ideas. For more information please email



We encourage all provinces and territories to organize events to celebrate IHMC this October

and share with us your plans. Let us together make IHMC a truly Canadian event.


Board of Directors

Islamic History Month Canada




More on the new board:

Ms. Shahina Siddiqui (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Chair


• Shahina is the founding member and has served as the Executive Director for Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA) USA and Canada from 1999 to 2003. She is currently serving as the president/ executive director of ISSA Canada.

• Shahina serves on the National RCMP Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on diversity as well as on the RCMP Commanding Officers’ Advisory committee on Diversity, D- Division, Manitoba. She founded the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute and is one of the founding members of Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute.

• She sits on the National Advisory Board for the Canadian Association for Muslims with Disabilities. Shahina has served many years on the board of the Social Planning Council Winnipeg, Manitoba Federation for the not-for-profit Organizations, city of Winnipeg anti-racism committee, Hospice and Palliative Care Manitoba and the Manitoba Coalition for Human Equality. She has also served in voluntary position of community Relations coordinator and media out reach for the Manitoba Islamic Association from 1998 to 2003.She has served as member of the Agreement Advisory Committee of The Manitoba Voluntary Sector Initiative. She was member of advisory committee on United Against Racism.

• She has done pioneer work in Islamic spiritual counseling and has developed training programs and manuals for Muslim professionals and paraprofessionals in the field of social services, health care and counseling. Shahina presented her unique Spiritual Counseling in Islam program at International Conference on ‘Spirituality and Mental Health’.

• Shahina was awarded the YMCA-YWCA (Winnipeg) ‘Peace Medal 2002’ for her work since September 11 in fostering understanding between Muslims and other religious and cultural groups in Winnipeg. Ms. Siddiqui organized and hosted numerous community events and articulated the importance of harmony in our diverse society.” In 2010 she was recognized by Grassroots Women Manitoba for her life in struggle for justice. She was also awarded Grass Roots Women of Manitoba Award in 2010 in recognition of her social justice activism. Shahina’s work has been profiled in many magazines, books and new items.


Ms. Zeba Hashmi (London, ON) Secretary


• Zeba was one of the founding members and board member of Muslims for Peace & Justice which was created in Regina, SK immediately post 9-1l. She also served actively served on the Board of Regina Huda School, the Committees of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewwan, and was involved with the MultiFaith Forum from 2001 to 2008. Zeba volunteered at Hutton House, tutoring adults with learning disabilities. She is currently on the London Muslim Mosque Board, Outreach Committee at the LMM, and Head of the Arts & Media Committee at MAC. She also writes regularly for the London Link magazine. She is currently enrolled in the Family Studies program at Western University.


Ms. Saleha Khan (London, ON) Treasurer & Media Relations


• Saleha Khan is an instructor with the Race Relations and Adult Education Unit at the Ontario Police College. Her areas of expertise include social justice, human rights and responsibilities, hate crimes, and the settlement sector’s challenges and opportunities with the new Canadians. Saleha has a degree in business specializing in Human Resources and Personnel management and post-grad work in Adult Education and Professional Development. Saleha also has the Diversity Management Certification from DTUI, USA. She has worked in the human capital and diversity field for more than a decade. She has volunteered with child and youth organizations that focus on bullying and the protection of children from dangers of the Internet. She is also involved in volunteer efforts in empowering women and members of immigrant communities regarding issues of partner and domestic abuse. Saleha is the co-founder of the Family Honour Project, housed out of London, Ontario.


Dr. Ahmed Shoker (Saskatoon, SK) Member at Large


• Dr. Ahmed Shoker was born in Egypt. He attended medical school at Alexandria, Egypt. He moved to Canada in 1981/82. He received his training in General Internal Medicine in British Columbia and then moved to Toronto where he finished training in Nephrology at the University of Toronto. He spent 3 years as a research fellow funded by the Kidney Foundation where he worked on transplant antibodies. He moved to Saskatoon in 1991 and began working at the University of Saskatchewan. Currently, he is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Saskatchewan Transplant Program. He has authored and/or co-authored 60 papers in refereed journals as well as 8 papers in non-refereed journals. He has also presented or co-presented at approx. 100 conferences in both abstract and poster presentations.


For more information please email IHMC at islamichmc2013@gmail.com