In Recognition of Islamic History Month

In Recognition of Islamic History Month 30/09/12

On October 25, 2007, the Government of Canada officially declared October as Islamic History Month to recognize “the important contributions of Canadian Muslims to Canadian Society; the cultural diversity of the Canadian Muslim community; the importance of Canadians learning about each other to foster greater social cohesion.”

Islamic History Month is an occasion for all our schools and workplaces to share in the history, heritage, and diversity of their fellow Muslim Canadians through activities and events across the country. It is also an occasion to improve our knowledge about Muslim Canadians contributions to the building of Canada’s unique democratic society by recognizing their work in areas of politics and social justice.

Muslim Canadians form a great part of the TDSB community. Through education and dialogue, Islamic History Month will create opportunities to strengthen our commitment to our diversity by learning more about the achievements and contributions of Muslim Canadians.

As we learn more about the history and achievements of the diverse peoples who live in our country and in our world, we take this opportunity to become more informed about aspects of Islamic cultures in order to address stereotypes related to Islamophobia. Making such knowledge and understanding an ongoing feature of our teaching and learning environment for all students will preserve the pluralistic values of our country and the institutions and neighbourhoods within it.

The Toronto District School Board therefore affirms our commitment to use Islamic History Month to provide learning opportunities and resources for students and staff.